About us

The Sunrise Kids - we’re all about good vibes, beachside lovin and easy livin!

A fashion and lifestyle collective for babies and kids, a GOOD VIBES empire from the beautiful NSW east coast.

Created by ocean lover and creative, solo mum of two, Heidi, The Sunrise Kids is all about a sense of fun and adventure, going with the flow and an old school way of life. 

You’ll love our brand because its not only full of items that are thoughtfully chosen and made, its also the home of the Good Vibes Project (more about that below). The Sunrise Kids features awesome tees with custom artworks, colourful tie dye and bohemian naturally plant dyed essentials and you can always find something special among our jewellery, vintage, wellness blends, art prints and accessories. 

The Sunrise Kids is all about being positive, unique and kind, and we love to share this with you! From wearing our super cool sunnies, having our art in your home, or awakening your spiritual side with our beautiful crystals sets, we hope to be able to provide you with a much loved gift for your child!

The Sunrise Kids is on a magical journey -  we are open to collaborations, wholesale enquirers, and custom orders.


Our Good Vibes Project, this is all about raising awareness and funds for amazing inititives on a global scale. As a general theme they support womens, baby and children health care or education. These are the various ways The Good Vibes Projects works - By contributing a percentage from the sale of a featured item in my store or I sell an item with 100% of the funds  donated, either my own item or I use my store to share their item. 

The Sunrise Kids have so far been able to contribute to The Offspring Project (India) Welcome To Paradise (Nepal) Rafiki Nwema (Africa) and The Birthing Kit Foundation (International).

The largest project this year was super successful! I created 5 amazing hampers, by having some amazing like minded business contribute their best selling items I was then able to sell them for fantastic value and was able to donate over $600 to The Birthing Kit Foundation. 

Currently there isn't a project happening but you are able to add a donation of $3 (or more) towards The Birthing Kit Foundation with your purchace while shopping online with us. The $3 provides an expectant mother in a 3rd world country a little kit of basics for a hygienic and safe birth as well as education and support. In some countries the same items are used for each birth without being cleaned leading to disease and sickness. The funding also supports trained birthing facilitators in remote areas which helps many at risk mothers and their babies less chance of infection, illness or death. The kits have also been recognised to positively effect the long time mental and emotional health of mothers. 

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful dream, Heidi.