The Good Vibes Project - Gift Hampers

The Sunrise Kids is raising awareness and  funds for the amazing Birthing Kit Foundation. 

The Foundation provides mother's and babies in 3rd world countries with basic hygienic products. The kits and education provided assists in the prevention of sickness, illness and infection for both the mother and baby. The Foundation is highly respected in the medical and maternal health world.

The kits have been able to not only prevent medical issues (which can at times be ongoing and create much more hardship for a mother in these circumstances) but also emotional and mental health and wellbeing as they are educated in many aspects of female health. 

All items in the hampers have been given so generously for this project by all the businesses involved.

100% of the sales from the hampers are donated. A $20 shipping fee is added and any remaining funds from that is also added to the donation. Please don't use discount codes when supporting this. 



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