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I’m so excited to introduce you to beautiful Marthe from Running Wild Mama. A woman who follows her heart, letting it lead her literally over oceans! Mother of 2 sweet little girls and wife of one very lucky man, she is about to embark upon a new adventure - travelling Australia in a very big and amazingly stylish bus!

Where are you from and how did your journey lead you to Australia? 
I am from a beautiful island off the mid-coast of Norway where the weather and ocean is rugged and wild and it couldn’t be further from what it’s like where I live now. We don’t have any universities there so when I finished senior high school I moved to the nearest city which eventually brought me to Oslo, the capital. That’s where I met Jed who was travelling at the time. After about a year of dating his visa ran out and all we wanted was to stay together so I decided to come back to Australia with him. At the time my career was peaking back in Norway but I just knew I had met the one and figured it wouldn’t be worth anything if I didn’t have him by my side. Jumping on that airplane changed my life in ways I could never imagine.

Tell us about your girls and how you raise them
Jed and I now have two beautiful girls Ellida who’s 3 and Embla who turned 1 on New Year’s Eve.
Becoming a mother completely shifted my view on everything. Giving birth to Ellida was the most mind-blowing experience of my life and for the first months of her life I felt almost enlightened. Like I was on the cusp of understanding something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I now see that it was as simple as being present. I was living in the now. It was like someone had switched the light on and everything was beautiful. I also finally learnt to love myself and for the first time I truly felt that I deserved that love. I deserved to be my own best friend. If I only ever managed to pass one thing on to the girls it would be that; love yourself.
As the months went on I learned that it takes discipline to live like that in our modern world and I had to teach myself ways of upholding that. I want my girls to see their mother as someone who not only gave it all to be there for them but also took care of herself. I read a great quote once that has stuck with me “my mother didn’t tell me how to live my life. She lived and let me watch” I’m aware that my girls constantly observe me and copy my behaviour so I want them to see a woman who knows that she is good enough, someone who is generous but still mindful about her own wellbeing and someone who knows she can do what she puts her mind to.
Another thing that is very important to me is to teach my girls is gratitude. I’ve always, ever since a very young age been quite mindful about gratitude. I wasn’t old when I figured out that we as humans let gratitude wear off very quickly and easily start taking things for granted. We can be ecstatic one day because we got into the university program of our dreams but quickly forget that day as soon as exams roll around. I try to remind myself daily of all the things I have to be grateful about. It’s a very efficient way to make your nuisances and worries fade away.
I’d really like my girls to learn that so I often talk to them about the things I am grateful for and hope that one day they’ll start thinking about what they are grateful for too.

Have you got any fears or worries about living in the bus and where are you headed? 
It probably sounds like a lie if I say I don’t have any fears about living in the bus but to me, I see myself happier and safer than I have ever been when we live there. I will finally have Jed home with me and I feel like I can conquer the world with him. I will have my whole family at an arms reach in our cosy little hub on wheels. It just seems right to me. I could worry about solar power and fuel costs and if this and that will work but I’m trying to just go along for the ride.
When that is said I am most definitely not a fearless person. I have my things just like everyone else but I try to be aware of not building them up or giving them weight.
Tell us about your yoga journey? What benefits have you felt and how do you think it connects with your journey as a mother and wife? 
I have been doing yoga for about 10 years but after having Embla I decided to develop a stronger and more mindful practice. I think it was rooted in my urge to be more connected and present. We’re in an age where spirituality and personal wellbeing has become a bit ‘trendy’ and the internet contains an overwhelming amount of information and advice on how you should evolve your spiritual practice.
So much so that I fear a lot of people feel like it’s not tangible. It’s difficult as a stay at home mum of 2 under 3 to have the time to meditate, journal, do crystal rituals, have salt baths and all of the things that I’m told by social media that I should do every day. And don’t get me wrong all of these things are amazing but I found it a bit out of reach and was left still searching for something.
I felt for awhile like I was losing that connection that I had when I first became a mother and I wanted to find it again.
Yoga did that for me.
I had a new baby and a husband working away and couldn’t make it to any classes so I reached out to some local yoga teachers for some tutoring. After a couple of weeks a yoga teacher got in contact and said she had been thinking of doing a workshop on how to start a self-practice. It was the perfect timing for both of us and it helped me start a solid practice and it has changed my life. I’m stronger than I have ever been both physically and mentally, it has totally erased any discomforts that I used to have during my cycle and has taught me a lot about patience. I bring the lessons I learn on my mat into my daily life all the time.
What do you love about social media and how do you stay balanced with screen and ‘real life’?
I definitely have days where the dangers of social media weigh on me and wonder if I should cut it out all together but I think that if you are mindful about your boundaries it can actually be a really positive space. It’s important to me to make sure that those I follow add value to my day. That they inspire me. I have developed so many random but utterly beautiful and inspiring connections on Instagram and that’s what I love about it. I have used it a lot on our bus journey both reaching out for help and advice and giving help and advice. I also love searching for food inspiration on social media. I actually think that’s where I get most of my new recipes from these days.
When it comes to balance it happens quite natural as my little girls keep me too busy to be using it very much through the day so I tend to post after they go to bed or during nap time. I don’t love the idea of them seeing me on my phone as we have a no small devices rule for them.
What are your dreams for your girls and do you implement ways in your life now to lead them to that? 
I was a very ambitious person growing up and I thought I could do anything. I was also always told that I was a high achiever. That I should always strive for the best and at some point in my life, I realised that every time I was kicking goals in my career I wasn’t doing it for myself. I was doing it for approval and to seemingly be successful at what I was doing. It wasn’t making me happy and I’m glad I had that revelation because it made me retire from that industry altogether and is the reason I am now a mother.
I’d really like my girls to believe they can do anything but also know that they don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations and that they are always good enough just as they are.
I hope these years on the road living simply but closely with their family is going to be invaluable and help shape them into strong little women with tons of self-love.
What’s your favourite item of clothing and why?
Jumpsuits and playsuits hands down. They just really suit my body type and are so convenient when you’re always running around with little ones.
Have you made steps towards eco living recently and do you have plans for more? 
After having Ellida I became incredibly conscious about the amount of waste we produce. I think it was the wet wipes that tipped me over the edge. They are so easy to use but so bad for our environment. I decided to make some big changes so Jed built us a compost and we immediately reduced our waste by probably 70%. The rest was pretty much recycling. We lived for a whole year without a rubbish bin. We still don’t produce very much waste and we’re very conscious about staying away from plastics but when we move into the bus we’d like to try to live without a bin again. It was much easier than I thought.
We also try to pick up any rubbish we see if we visit the park or beach and dispose of it properly. In fact, Ellida is quite the eco-warrior, she will spot rubbish anywhere and not rest until she’s got it.

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Thank you so much for reading my 1st motherhood journal, I hope you loved reading about Marthe and her journey and that it’s inspired you to take a chance, be positive and to let life be creative and playful! 
X Heidi 


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