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Sometimes you can feel like your own worst enemy, have inner talk that tells you nothing is going to go right and even if it did, you wouldn't think you deserved it. There seems to be endless messages reminding us we aren't good enough, we need improving, we need to hustle more, be more, do more and of cause - we can only be seen as a true success with a certain kind of body shape! 
So if your feeling over-whelmed I'm glad your here - just now for a moment... I want to help you fill your cup! I'm happy to be delivering some wise words and insight with Kristina... She is here to give us some advice on how we need to love and support ourselves so that we can in turn love and support the young women and girls in our life. We don't have to be mother's or parents for this to be meaningful either! 
I think if more of us have a relationship that is built on a positive mindset with ourselves we inevitably compare less and connect more to all the women around us which is why I think it's so important to hear this message! 

"The driving force behind my own wellness is definitely my girls".


"I want to model to them how to tune into their own needs and how to have compassion towards themselves when they aren't showing up how they think they should be or for when people dont approve of them as they are. Ultimately to back themselves and to try not to conform for approval.  To show them how to work with themselves instead of against and to show them that they can achieve anything they want". 


"This drives me to do this in my own world to give them a better chance of doing the same".  

Tell us about you and what makes you so damn happy all the time?

I'm Kristina, certified wellness and Psychology of eating coach. Retreat and group facilitator and owner of Sana Wellness at Erina Heights on the Central Coast NSW Australia. 

I'm  just a girl who grew up wanting to be anything but myself. Who now spends my days helping people own who they are so they can live a more inspired authentic existence.
The fact I am living my purpose is what makes me so damn happy all the time.  

When we stop fighting who we are it frees up energy to make the most of what we have and this magical life we live.


What ways as busy mums can we increase our self love, where do we begin and how do we keep it up?

First of all be forgiving on yourself if you don't. This self love business can be tricky - 
Especially because we have been taught that self love is somehow linked and measured to the way we look and how much we do for others.

This can get confusing as I believe Self Love doesn't automatically come when we look a certain way and doesn't miraculously come when we have busily ran ourselves around helping everyone around us.  
Quite the opposite.  A great place to start for a busy mum can be saying no! Having boundaries and putting yourself first.  This my friends isn't selfish it is an act of self love.  
This simple act can feel petrifying to start - trust me this compulsive pleaser knows! Although once we start, the internal struggle subsides making room for a more harmonious relationship with your most important relationship of all... yourself!
How can we be good role models to our children and how can we help if they are unhappy within themselves?

This question really pulls on my heart strings.
First of all it is ok to not be ok.  
Showing our kids this can be a game changer.
We feel like we have to have it together and be positive all the time and in my own experiences and studies this is just not the case.

Our kids are very intuitive and they can pick up on how we feel even if we are saying the opposite.  

‘It's ok to feel your feelings’ is a great place to start with our littles and then showing them how to shift to focussing on the positives.  
Gratitude is also a great tool to support this. 
Another game changer with supporting our kids in a positive way is model a healthy relationship with our own selves and our bodies. Don't put yourself down in front of them and if they are putting themselves down hear them out and then build them right back up.

The reality is we do live in a crazy arse world where a lot of emphasis is put on the way we look and this can effect our kids. If we don't buy into this it gives our kids a better chance  to not buy into it either.  

What's your own personal way of keeping motivated and inspired towards your own wellbeing?

Due to a lack of self worth it was originally the birth of my daughters that inspired this and now it's my relationship with myself.
Being responsible for how I show up in this world.  
Moving my body to feel energised, choosing foods that will nourish my body and help
with clarity in my mind. When I feel good in these areas, my days flow better, my relationships feel better and ultimately I am better.
This doesn't mean I don't love a wine or that I always only over eat nutritious food.  
I just go there from a more empowered space which makes all the difference.

I hope you enjoyed our little interview with Kristina and feel like you've received some meaningful and positive support (I know I have!). You can follow her on Instagram at Lighter Living Wellness or visit her at for more good vibes and advice! X Heidi 

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